Jorge SalaverryJorge Salaverri, the owner of the company, has been leading rafting trips and other jungle expeditions commercially since 1992. As a native of La Moskitia, and an ex special forces soldier of the Honduran Military, he has many additional years of wilderness experience in this area. He is has studied forestry for 5 years in total between universities in Honduras and West Virginia University in The United States. The company offers a chance to experience the raw jungle of La Moskitia as we well as the chance to experience unique Garifuna and Native American cultures. Depending on which trip you choose, you could be traversing the region via, raft, dugout canoe, motor boats, or at times, even on foot. Trips that include Salaverri will also include his expertise in jungle survival. In the Costa Rican survival episode of Man Vs. Wild, he was the expert who traveled along, teaching Bear Grylls how to live off the land. He also led jungle expeditions with BBC such as a trip on Rio Platino that included actor Ewan McGregor, and Dr. of Archaeology from University of Chicago, Chris Begley, who depending on the trip you so choose, may travel along with you showing the archaeological sites that were the focus of his dissertation and life work. Also with the BBC, Salaverri took part in Beyond Boundaries 1 in Nicaragua and Beyond Boundaries 3 in Ecuador. La Moskitia Ecoaventuras associates itself most with its connection to the people of Honduras, who help with these trips in many ways, such as guiding, providing transportation and for being host to travelers as well. All trips offered provide a unique opportunity to experience the La Moskitia region of Honduras both environmentally and culturally.









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